A home loan modification can reduce your home loan payments by negotiating the terms of the loan using tools from lowering the interest rate to increasing the payment period, or both.  A good loan modification specialist can negotiate with the lender to make the payments more affordable and provide the homeowner with reduced payments.

It only takes a 5 minute qualification phone call with Golden State Financial to determine if you can qualify for a loan modification program that may be approved.

The information needed is simple:

1. Your Current Lender:

2. Your Current Interest Rate:

3. Your total Mortgage Payment including taxes & Insurance:

4. Your home address:

5. Year of your last refinance or Modification:

6. Gross Income per month ( including spouse ) ( W2 or Self-Employed ) 

7. Current Loan Balance:

8. Are you current on your loan?:

9. Best contact number to reach you:

Contact Golden State Financial at 949-233-9180. See details on recently modified loans here.

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