Loan ModificationIs your home loan underwater? That is when you than your home is worth or you lack equity. But what you may not know is that the Government incentivizes banks to work with home loan modifications when and if you know how to present the modification.  That is where our company fits in. We specialize in helping homeowners modify their loans to take the pressure off their high payments and help them get ahead of the loans.

Why do banks work with us on modifying your home loan? Because it makes sense. The Government encourages homeownership and they discourage foreclosures in areas that are falling to blight. So they incentivize the banks to modify the loans when it makes sense.

How do you know if you qualify for a loan modification? Golden State Financial Group can help.  We review your loan terms, the home value, your current payments and the bank you are paying. We have a track record of presenting the whole package to the lender in a way that makes sense.  Take a look at some of the loans we have helped modify.

If you are considering your options on ending your high home loan payments, give us a call at 949-233-9180 or Email us at . We will set up a 15 minute call to determine if you can qualify for a loan modification to reduce the length of the loan or reduce your loan payments or the interest rate.  Once we review your case, we can let you know what can be done.  You can also visit our website here.

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