Underwater On Your Home LoanIt’s official, home loan interest rates are going up. In fact, there may be 4 adjustments to the rate this year. If you were hoping to reduce your mortgage payments, now is the time to get the best rate. The government is still supporting loan modifications if you can show that you are in need of one. The key is how your case is presented to the loan holders and showing that you deserve a second chance to make your payments reasonable.

Here are a few misconceptions about getting a home loan modification:

  1. It is Hard to Get a Loan Modification. Actually it takes just a 5 minute conversation for us to qualify you for a loan modification in today’s market. Of course we have to verify the information you provide during the process, but qualifying you is quick.
  2. No Equity Means No Loan Modification. Wrong, in fact no equity helps us show that you are qualified to get a loan modification.
  3. The Value Of My Home Is Too High To Modify. You don’t have to live in a better neighborhood to get a modification —but you can. These programs are available to anyone who owns a home, regardless of your home’s value.
  4. You Must Have a Fanny or Freddy Loan To Qualify. Actually any loan can qualify even if they are Non-Fanny or Non-Freddie.
  5. It Takes Forever To Get A Loan Modification. A quick solution is all about the presentation and we have helped hundreds of homeowners from all over the country modify their loans in record time.
  6. My Bank Will Never Modify My Loan.  We have been extremely successful with loan modifications from almost every bank we approached. Take a look at our recent loan modifications and the banks  and interest rate we negotiated to help our clients own their homes faster and more affordably.

Find out if you qualify by contacting us today or give us a call at 949-233-9180. Our team at Golden State Financial Group has been assisting homeowners in lowering their mortgage interest rate for almost a decade. To date, our team has assisted more than 6500 homeowners. There are still many homeowners still unable to refinance their loans due to their LTV (how much they owe on their house versus its value) being 100% or higher. And there are still many homeowners in “ticking time bomb” interest only or ARM loans. Most lenders have introduced LOW fixed rate modification programs for homeowners with little or no equity.  And do you have a “Non Fannie Non Freddie” loan?  No problem!  We can evaluate your situation in less than 5 minutes to determine what program is best for you.

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