Two things affect your home loan paymentsThe interest rate and the length of the loan. Loan rates have never been so low as today. In fact many people who purchased their home in the last 10 years had a much higher interest rate in order to qualify for their loan. If you are falling behind because of a large payment or if you are just wondering how to modify your loan to pay less monthly, consider a 10 minute call with Golden State Financial Group.

We start by asking about your payoff date, your loan amount and the amount of equity in your home. Although you may think that you need a lot of equity in your home to qualify, it is actually easier to qualify for a loan modification for a lower interest rate if you have low or no equity in your home.  And the loans can be Non-Fannie and Non-Freddy loans.

To find out how much you can save in the long run if you do qualify to modify your loan, take a look at the actual numbers from some of our loan modifications achieved with banks all over America.

Find out if you qualify by contacting us today or give us a call at 949-233-9180. Our team at Golden State Financial Group has been assisting homeowners in lowering their mortgage interest rate for almost a decade. To date, our team has assisted more than 6500 homeowners. There are still many homeowners still unable to refinance their loans due to their LTV (how much they owe on their house versus its value) being 100% or higher. And there are still many homeowners in “ticking time bomb” interest only or ARM loans. Most lenders have introduced LOW fixed rate modification programs for homeowners with little or no equity.  And do you have a “Non Fannie Non Freddie” loan?  No problem!  We can evaluate your situation in less than 5 minutes to determine what program is best for you.

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